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The colour of Monsoon and your favourite mug

With the grace of mother nature, each season has its own color and vibe. And the best of all “Indian monsoon”. With the rains, the green gets greener and the blue gets bluish. All colors around us get a special accent and contrast – like a new life has suddenly sparked into lifeless.

While it’s happening around us, it requires a special looking glass often, to become conscious of ecstasy. But, sometimes however unaware we are, we subconsciously make choices based on seasons. For example: In summers, we prefer to wear and select from the shades of white and blue.

Just like that, our choice for tea and coffee ceramic mugs also stems from the nature cycle. For this monsoon, make a selection of your special ceramic mugs from the shade of accented darker shade of blue and green to add more contrast to the monsoon.  Turkish Clay.