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The mug, the coffee and the “aroma” in between! | Turkish Clay – Unique coffee mugs

Ever wondered why they ask you to smell coffee while sampling a perfume?

Smelling coffee aroma between perfume samples, as compared to smelling unscented air, actually works in favour of the perfumes. While sampling perfumes, the odor intensity of a perfume stays the same after smelling coffee, where the odor intensity of a perfume decreases when smelling the air between samples.

Just like food critics sample “sorbet” in between courses to “cleanse” their palates, we use the aroma of coffee when sampling different perfumes.  The pleasantness of the perfume, however, was similar after smelling coffee or air. Our senses could ignore the difference when we smell the air in between sampling.

Now, the next time when you get acquainted with the aroma of coffee beans, add a visual effect with a beautiful mug to complement the scenic beauty.

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