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The pair of Mugs | Turkish Clay – the perfect mug shopping destination

When two identical mugs are bought together, they often have a tale to tell. Where one mug signifies openness, two identical mugs beckon closeness. There are a lot of things which are bought only in pairs or even count – and one such item is a mug (or a cup). On Turkish Clay, we rarely see someone buying mugs in the count of 5 or 7. It’s either 4, 6 or 8. Beyond just being a number, the mugs love to spend their life as a couple. And, this is just the nature of mugs. So, if your kitchenette is running in the odd numbers, make sure to give that individual mug the company they deserve. It’s time to move on from the solitude and let the “closeness” stay there forever.

Have a look at this beautiful couple – it’s eternal and made for each other. It’s hard to imagine one mug alone.